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It’s great that there are still absolute things in the world that always stand the test of time. A kind of constants from which the counting of everything is formed. In the world of computer entertainment, one such constant is the GTA series. This project won the hearts of gamers around the world back in the days of its two-dimensional existence. Computer graphics has developed, Rockstar employees were filled with new thoughts and creative energy, which means that over time, GTA has become a more global, comprehensive and truly universal game. Are you ready to plunge into it? Then let’s begin!

The joys and challenges of gangster life

The setting of GTA is always different, but the story remains the same – there is some shady character (in the last part, more than one) who gets engaged with the world of crime and violence. Each of them has their own motif – somebody is driven by the idea of vengeance, others are trying to make quick money, there are those that do it just for fun’s sake. And there are plenty of opportunities to have fun in GTA!

Every game comes with its own set of riveting missions that are very versatile. You will get to rob banks, steal important documents, set your enemies up, run away from cops, even control a helicopter. Aside from that, you can entertain yourself by simply roaming around the city and doing all sorts of crazy stuff – from working on an ambulance to wrecking havoc on the streets.
The world in GTA 5 lives its own life. The sun rises and sets (day and night last about the same, in real terms, darkness and light replace each other every half hour). Cars drive, people walk, occasionally verbal skirmishes and fights occur between them, so very similar to real ones. Sometimes you so want to escape from the storyline and carelessly spend your leisure time in a fictional country that is so similar to real life!

Huge open world with plenty of entertainments

By the way, about additional tasks. They are sometimes no less interesting than plot adventures, at least there is plenty of humor in them. There are also puzzle tasks that send you searching for objects that sooner or later will become a single part of the whole. There is money allowing you to walk into the gun store to buy cartridges and some modifications for the guns. Besides, you can spend your cash on golf, an amusement park, clubs, striptease, restaurants, tennis, clothes, car tuning and a lot of other things that make playing GTA even more delightful.

Each new chapter of the legendary gangster series brings in even more realism and versatility into the gameplay. The models of people become more and more alike to real by-passers you can see in your own city, you can really feel that you’re surrounded by the buzz and hustle of a big metropolis. This immersion into the amazing atmosphere and great attention to small things is probably why players keep returning to GTA over and over again. Discover this incredible world in its entire versatility playing GTA games online!

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