A huge metropolis created “based on” New York, a flexible chain of plot tasks and a bunch of optional assignments – the authors didn’t change the classic formula, cutting off the extra fat that grew in Vice City and San Andreas. Gone are bicycles, explosive radio-controlled cars, flying Dodos, real estate operations, going to the rocking chair, military men with tanks and bonuses hanging in the air. The juicy palette has faded, objects have gained mass and honestly cast shadows, pedestrians livened up, and in the morning there is such a fog here that Silent Hill will die of envy. This is GTA 4, baby!

A world of a thousand details

However, having stepped towards reality, the game did not become more boring. The reasons for this are Rockstar’s obsessive love of detail and great humor. Pins about popular brands on posters, social and political satire on talk shows, virtual benefit performances by Ricky Gervais, a hilarious parody of the Internet, where everyone from Nigerian spammers and news sites to the blogosphere got nuts. The KRAPEA page depicts the horrors of Swedish furniture stores. The DJ at Independence FM, which draws music from the / My Documents folder, has caustic comments on your tastes. Even Niko, a provincial with clumsy English, isn’t looking for words, ironically parrying sharp attacks.

New hero with a real drama

In general, of the dozens of characters that came from the pen of Rockstar, Bellich is perhaps the most striking personality. This cold-blooded killer, who became such by the will of fate, is dangerous to society and is incredibly charismatic. By cleverly manipulating feelings, but not slipping into moralizing, screenwriters evoke sympathy for the man whose conscience for the ending will be a mountain of corpses. Niko is loyal to family and friends, always comes to the rescue and reacts sharply to injustice. His face expresses a sea of emotions, and deep in his soul, under the layers of thorns, there is an unrealizable dream of a quiet life. We feel sorry for the anti-hero, for it is clear: whichever path the player chooses – compassion or revenge – Bellic will pay the bill, even if in the city of monsters he is almost a saint. Keep him company in this uneasy yet so fascinating journey, find out what is waiting for him in the end and do the most important thing GTA is played for – have the special crazy sort of fun that goes with the game series!

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4 Stars
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