GTA will never stop surprising us with new plots and features. And in that respect, the strongest side of the new GTA is the story missions. They keep you involved, you want to replay them. And if you didn’t like how you passed the mission, there is indeed such an option, and this will not affect the plot in any way. All missions are perfected from all sides, everything is done by hand, at the highest cinematic level, the game absorbs like a vacuum cleaner. You want to go through the plot and find out what will happen next. There are a lot of unexpected plot twists and turns, missions can be polysyllabic. At first, you’re sent to pick up some dude, but this can turn into a really mind-blowing story.

Beautiful and action-packed!

The game looks great. Literally everything, from sparks under a punctured car wheel to foam ridges on the ocean waves, is eye-catching. The drawing range and detailing have increased by an order of magnitude. Armed with strengthened graphics technologies, the developers seem to have forgotten that they are making “just a game” and confidently stepped into the territory of blockbuster movies. Thanks to high-quality facial animation and acting, cut-scenes have turned from unnecessary links between episodes into a full-fledged and fascinating spectacle.

The main goal of the “bad guys”, just like before, is to get more money through carefully planned robberies. As a result, the plot missions became even more like a Hollywood production. Secret penetrations into a guarded object in the spirit of “Mission Impossible” and crazy Michaelbay chases alternate with firing from a minigun and a dozen exploded jeeps a la “Terminator 2”. In addition, the virtual analogue of Los Angeles is chock-full of “eccentrics and strangers”, each of whom is ready to thrust you into another unpredictable adventure. And all this, according to tradition, is generously flavored with a shock dose of humor and a mark of satire, from which attacks of uncontrollable laughter occur almost every five minutes.

More than just a gangster story!

And after all, it is addictive. The game tempts you to forget about missionss altogether and just live in this world, immerse headlong in it. Tuning a car, training a dog, robbing cash-in-transit vans, diving on the seabed, playing golf, changing hairstyles, wasting time in strip clubs… Here you can do all this and a lot of different things, a simple listing of which would take a lot a lot of time. Leaving home with a firm intention to finally deal with the passage of the plot, you suddenly find yourself sitting in the cinema watching some “Italian masterpiece”. This is the peculiarity of GTA: it contains a lot of completely optional little things, but all of them are implemented with unexpected meticulousness. Savor them playing the latest part online!

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9 Stars
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