GTA Vice City

It seems like a usual metropolis during the day. But after nightfall, it turns into a hotbed of crime and violence. Our hero arrives in Vice City in a hope to make some quick money and get a taste of a careless gangster life. There is a harsh and challenging way waiting for him ahead. And he has to overcome it with dignity – and of course fun! There are plenty of things you can do in GTA except for passing missions and exploring the vast setting with different areas. You don’t necessarily have to focus on the storyline and can simply wander at will doing whatever you want. And most often that means fooling around and creating chaos!

And beware of your enemies – you will be hunted not only by the cops, but also by representatives of hostile clans who want your head. They will be coming out of the blue from time to time, so you need to keep your gun ready. And surely no GTA game can do without spectacular car thefts and riveting chases all over the city! You won’t have time to catch your breath because there is always something going on here. Start your riveting journey through Vice City and see if you can deal with all the troubles prepared for you by the developers!

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8 Stars
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