Have you already tried the latest edition of the famous gangster saga? GTA V will thrill you with a whole slew of new gaming mechanics and amazing plot twists! The events take place in San Andreas County (analogous to Los Angeles). This time, the game will have not one main character, but three. Each of them has its own unique ability that is required in the process of completing tasks.

In the open world, you can play for any of the three main characters, the game provides for free switching between them, and additional quests are available, for each character separately.
The plot focuses on the robberies, the preparation and implementation process. They have detailed instructions and beautiful ways of completing the plan. Generally, your life now depends on the ability to conduct firefights and a car, and in case of a strong collision, you can die.

At the same time, no one canceled the open world. The map is huge and offers great opportunities. You can go swimming, cycling, flying… The options are simply immense. You can also change your character’s clothes, change hairstyles, get a tattoo. Buying a property is also available. By the way, the cars now look like real ones, almost one-on-one. Plus a bunch of other little things that fill the game in addition to the plot, which beautifully complement it.

The main feature of the game is the online mode. That is, the ability to play with the same players as you, on the same map. There is a lot of content online, while the creators are constantly adding something new. As in the plot, you can rob banks, open a factory for the creation of weapons, buy a hangar and deal with the delivery of goods, buy an office. There is a new island that can only be reached by submarine. And this is just the beginning! Check out GTA V online and make up your own opinion about this great continuation of the legendary criminal series!

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