Welcome to a strikingly renewed, but yet so familiar and dear world of GTA 5! We are engaged in the same creepy but funny things – we rob, kill, steal cars and generally live a gangster life. But now alternately for three characters: we can say we play the story between them. Antiheroes are textured and self-sufficient, and one very important thing is captured in the difference between them.

Meet the new heroes… all three of them!

Michael is a high class gangster. Carrying a sports bag stuffed with jewels on his shoulders, with a suit, mask and rifle, in a street shootout, he feels more or less in his place. Franklin is a guy from the outskirts of Los Santos, born and raised in a criminal environment, a typical fighter of the ghetto wars, except that he doesn’t hold a pistol horizontally. Imagining such a man walking through the streets with a machine gun and mowing dozens of people is difficult, but easier than a nameless criminal running errands or a subtropical mafia in a Hawaiian shirt.

But Trevor Phillips, a crazy redneck who is feared even by crazy rednecks from the neighboring trailer hell, is easy. Trevor eats harsh bikers for breakfast (quite possibly, literally) and one day takes over the entire illegal business in the area – out of boredom or something. He is smart, resourceful and disgustingly cruel. This is the first character fully integrated into what is happening on the screen, the plot ceases to be an abstract condition for the action, and vice versa. Trevor is a psychopath who really can go out and wreak havoc.

Exceptional realism and total thrill!

The game itself is merciless to the player: GTA V outright loudly, furiously and categorically declares that it’s hardcore and won’t give cut you any slack. Stop whining, you have to do a turn through a narrow arch, drifting. A lot of cops, yes, a lot. What are you going to do? Challenge accepted. As a result, the game can be replayed many times (especially given the mission medal system), and the story cutscenes are perceived as a separate type of reward.

After some particularly difficult sortie in front of your eyes, the camera rises somewhere in the stratosphere and in a few seconds is transferred to another character. The elaboration of the details, the city and its boiling life look as if all these people are really alive, even though on the other side of the screen. Discover all the amazing features of GTA 5 and enjoy every moment of the gameplay!

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12 Stars
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