GTA San Andreas

Life in the black neighborhood is no bed of roses. You’ll know that for sure after playing GTA San Andreas! After long years of being away from his home town, a young guy named CJ comes back to burry his parents. He has to start his life over in this place and it won’t be easy. However, he has faithful friends that will help him along and give him the first quests that will allow you to increase your reputation and earn some money. The cash can be spent on buying clothes and weapons for your character, as well as purchasing houses all over town. As you know, this is the only way you can get away from the police (other than painting your car in one of the special garages of course). Of course, gangster life doesn’t come without bitter surprises – as you proceed through the story, you will find out that these friends of yours aren’t so good after all and that they were connected with your folks’ murder… It’s revenge time!

Moving through the city and performing various missions, you will get acquainted with local infrastructure. To succeed in this cruel place, one needs to know where all the useful hangouts and emergency services are located. If you are hurt, you will be taken to the hospital and let out without all of your guns and knives, so it’s better not to let your health drop below the critical minimum. By the way, you can change your occupation for a while and become an ambulance driver or firefighter! Enjoy this world of immense opportunities at arm’s length!

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